Anti Money Laundering Services

At responsible gambling consultancy we provide a bespoke and discreet investigatory service specialising in enhanced due diligence checks in the gambling sector.

Enhanced Due Diligence

The hardest part for any commercial business is asking their customers for something that may put unnecessary strain on the relationship. At Responsible Gambling Consultancy we can provide our clients with a discreet professional service that will allow you to carry out your necessary checks without ever asking your customers where their source of income comes from. Utilising a suite of investigatory tools Responsible Gambling Consultancy provides our clients with a full report outlining what information has been sourced.

Anti Money Laundering Services AML

Surveillance &


At Responsible Gambling Consultancy we employ many operatives trained to build ‘Lifestyle’ intelligence reports. Using the most up to date surveillance techniques, Responsible Gambling Consultancy can acquire information that may not be electronically available.

people in casino managed with service of anti money laundering

Anti-money laundering & localised Risk Assessments

Through the many years of experience at Responsible Gambling Consultancy, we have devised a tried and tested business risk assessment matrix that allows our clients to adopt a more intelligence lead approach to anti-money laundering. Our business risk assessment can be adopted to review all areas of your business which will give you a quantifiable means of managing risk.

AML means anti money laundering